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Welcome to Vtwin Motors.com.  Vtwin Motors is a website based on V-Twins only.  That includes Vtwin Motors, Vtwin Parts, Manufacturers, Dealers, Rally's, Products and more.  This is a Vtwin Fan Site.  So enjoy your visit at V-Twin Motors.

What is a Vtwin Motor?
A Vtwin motor is a 2 cylinder internal combustion engine and the cylinders are in a V shape design, for vibration reasons, with a more than a 0 and less than 180 sitting position.

What is a V-Twin Crankshaft Like?
A motor normally has a shared crank pin where as the vtwin has its own offset crank pin or a dual offset crank pin depending on the model.

Why is the Difference Between a V-Twin Motor and a L-Twin Motor?
Just a look like situation, all motors with a less than 180 and more than a 0 are v-twin motors.

Are V-Twin Motors Just in Motorcycles?
No, Motorcycles are the most popular vehicle for V-Twin Motors but some cars have a V-twin motor.

Are the Vtwin Motors a New Thing?
No, they have been around since the early 1900's.

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